How to create an account

The account structure of EMIT Wallet is compatible with Ethereum, so accounts created directly from EMIT Wallet can be imported into other Ethereum-supported wallets with private keys or mnemonic words, and the private keys or mnemonic words of other Ethereum wallets can also be imported into EMIT Wallet. The following section describes how to create an account directly on EMIT Wallet and uses Metamask as an example to illustrate how to import third-party wallet accounts into EMIT Wallet.

3.1. Create with EMIT Wallet

A. Slide the welcome page continuously to the last page and click "Getting Started".

B. Enter the account name and password, click "NEXT"

The Password Hint option allows you to fill in hints to help you recall your password.

The Wallet Password will be used to encrypt the next generated mnemonic words locally and will not be uploaded to the network in any form.

C. Back up the mnemonic phrase and click on Confirmed Backup.

Security Tip: EMIT Wallet is a decentralized client and your account keys are stored locally and not uploaded to any servers.

The mnemonic words represent the full access to your account and there is no way to recover your account if you lose it, so be sure to write it down and keep it safe.

Anyone who has your mnemonic words will have full access to your account, so it is important that you do not write them down in an environment where they can be seen by others or captured by video equipment.

It cannot be transmitted over the network as a picture or text, because you do not know if the transmission you are using has adequate security and privacy.

D. Select the correct order according to the backup mnemonic words and click "Confirm".

This step is set to verify that you have backed up the mnemonic words.

E. EMIT Wallet automatically goes to the account page

EMIT Wallet will generate sub-accounts for you for all blockchain systems that support EMIT CROSS and associate them with your private key.

The current account system is Ethereum compatible, if the same mnemonic words is imported to other Ethereum wallets, you will see the same ETH public key address.

F. Exporting mnemonic words or Private Key

You can export mnemonic words or private key via "Backup Wallet" on the "Setting" page, but you need to enter the password you used to create the account.

3.2. Importing a Metamask Key

A. To export mnemonic words from Metamask

Click on "Settings" -> "Security & Privacy" in Metamask

Click "Reveal Seed Phrase" to get the mnemonic phrase by entering the password

B. Importing the mnemonic words to EMIT Wallet

In the EMIT Wallet initial environment, click "Import" in the upper right corner to enter the wallet import page.

Fill in the mnemonic words and click "NEXT" to enter the account page.

C. EMIT Wallet will scan each blockchain network to get the balance of the assets

After importing the mnemonic words, you can observe that the asset balance of EMIT Wallet is consistent with the Metamask status. When assets are transferred to the account, both wallets will show the same balance.

3.3. Importing Metamask Private Key

You can also create an EMIT Wallet account by importing the private key of your ETH account.

A. To export the private key from Metamask

Select Account details

Click "Export Private Key" and enter the password.

Copy the private key.

B. Import the private key into EMIT Wallet

Select Import Private Key when creating an account.

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