Cross-chain Operation of USDT(ERC20)

If you have USDT on Ethereum, you can transfer it to Super ZERO as EUSDT via the cross-chain feature of EMIT Wallet, so you can enjoy the low Gas fees and privacy features of Super ZERO (SERO).You can also reverse the EUSDT on Super ZERO and transfer it back to Ethereum to become USDT.

5.1 Ethereum to Super ZERO Cross-chain Operation

A. Make sure there are enough Gas fees on Ethereum and USDT to cross-chain

For example, in the picture below, there are 9500 USDT on Ethereum in this account, if you transfer any amount of USDT to the Super ZERO (SERO) chain, 999 ETH is enough for the Gas fee.

B. Click "Cross" on USDT assets to initiate cross-chain transaction

If we transfer 100 USDT from Ethereum to Super ZERO (SERO), we can set both From and To to be 100.

When initiating the transaction, you can choose the Gas fee according to your urgency.

The transfer process from Ethereum to other chains requires two transactions, "Approve" to authorize the cross-chain contract, and "Confirm" to notify the cross-chain contract to lock the asset. Both transactions require an optional Gas fee. The "Approve" can be revoked before the "Confirm" after the "Approve".

Once the "Confirm" transaction is completed, you can wait for the Nodes of EMIT CROSS to notarize the transaction.

C. Check the status of cross-chain transactions

When the Status is SUCCESS, a "View Cross Info" button will appear at the top right, click it to see the status of the four steps of the cross-chain execution, when the Execute is SUCCESS, the cross-chain operation is successful.

D. View USDT Status

By checking the USDT asset storage status, we can see that 100 USDT has been successfully transferred to the Super ZERO (SERO) chain.

On the Super ZERO (SERO) chain, the USDT asset is named EUSDT, which means that it is a USDT asset transferred through EMIT CROSS.

5.2 Super ZERO (SERO) to Ethereum cross-chain operation

We will now move 500 EUSDTs from Super ZERO (SERO) back to Ethereum.

A. Click "Cross" on the USDT asset to initiate a cross-chain transaction

The default cross-chain transaction is from Ethereum to Super ZERO (SERO), you can click the middle swap button if you want to reverse it.

Then fill in the amount of USDT you want to transfer.

Since releasing USDT from Ethereum requires the notary nodes to send an Ethereum transaction to invoke the cross-chain contract, you need to charge the corresponding value of USDT as the Gas fee, which will change depending on the price of ETH and the number of transactions in the pool.

After clicking "Confirm", the cross-chain transaction is triggered.

B. Checking the status of a cross-chain transaction

Like forward cross-chain transactions, there is a "View Cross Info" button in the details of reverse cross-chain transactions, which can be clicked to view the status of the cross-chain operation.

C. View USDT Status

After a successful cross-chain transaction, you can see that the balance of EUSDT on Super ZERO (SERO) is reduced by 100 EUSDT, while there are 498 more USDTs in Ethereum.

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