Chaos Scene

The assets available in this scenario are:

Slash Chaos with axe, thus extracting the LIGHT element and the DARK element.

  • LIGHT (FT)

    • LIGHT is the base token of the Epoch ecosystem.

  • DARK (Rare FT)

    • DARK is the base rare token of the Epoch ecosystem.

  • ChaosDriver (Non-movable NFT)

    • ChaosDriver determines the level of proficiency in refining LIGHT and DARK tokens.

How to refine LIGHT (FT)

1. You need to have an AX, and a little LIGHT as Gas cost, then enter Epoch -> Chaos scenario.

2. Start Hashrate to collect Negentropy (NE).

3. After collecting enough NE (at least > 15000000), click Chaos Center to open the form for refining LIGHT.

4. Select an AX for refining LIGHT.

5. Submit the NE and wait for the countdown of the Period to end.

6. At the end of the period (about 24 hour), you can withdraw the LIGHT tokens to your account by refining or retrieve them again.

Special tips:

  1. When Ax has a dark attribute gene, the token will convert part of LIGHT to DARK according to the content of the dark attribute gene.

  2. When the health value of Ax drops to 0, the capacity of Ax will be restored to its initial value.

  3. Please return to the Altar scene to forge and restore the health value before the health value of AX drops to 0.

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