EMIT Documents
Originators is the core part of the EMIT community, taking on most of the management, design and development work in the early stages of the project. Unlike a corporate system, Originators has a flat structure, and its members are only distinguished by their roles. Below we describe some of the most important roles in Originators. The vast majority of community members have direct access to them.
Edward is EMIT's Explorer and is responsible for exploring new and interesting areas of the crypto world, developing EMIT's global strategy, designing core products and developing algorithms, and of course, testing.
Isak is EMIT's Thinker, responsible for researching and studying the structure of the crypto economy, collecting and analyzing business data, and challenging Edward's ideas.
Nicola is EMIT's Organizer, responsible for managing, maintaining and expanding the EMIT community, and working with community members on various fun games.
Alex is the Reporter of EMIT, he is responsible for writing various EMIT related articles and sharing interesting things in the crypto world to the community.
Stefano is the Recorder at EMIT, where he is responsible for the development and testing of EMIT. In his free time, he posts interesting things from EMIT's development process to the community.
Herman is the Magician of EMIT, he is our best original artist, the mascot EMI is created by him, he is responsible for the drawing work in EMIT, he also creates some great illustrations from time to time.
Max is the Designer of EMIT, he is a very senior Hacker, he is responsible for the most serious part of EMIT's development work.
Tobey is EMIT's Pastor, and a very experienced Hacker who works on the most user-friendly parts of EMIT.