Detailed tutorial of epoch mining

Mining important content:

1. Epoch has two scenarios: Altar and Chaos. Altar scenario can only create and forge upgrades of AXE; Chaos scenario can only use AXE for token mining.

2. To mine tokens in Chaos scene, you must first successfully create AXE in Altar scene, because you must use AXE to mine tokens in Chaos scene, otherwise you cannot mine tokens.

3. Within a period, the same AXE can only exist in one of Altar or Chaos scenarios for use. After the period is settled, you can choose AXE to continue forging or continue mining.

4. For each new period, you can choose to create a new AXE in Altar scene, or you can choose to forge and upgrade the AXE that has been successfully created. Only one of the two can be chosen.

5. AXE needs to be forged in Altar in order to keep the health value increased, so that the conversion rate will gradually increase. If AXE is only used in Chaos without forging, then when the health value drops to 0, the conversion rate will become the initial value. The higher the AXE level, the higher the conversion rate.

6. The level of Driver will be upgraded with the length of use in Altar scene and Chaos scene, the higher the level of Driver, the higher the mining efficiency.

Mining process:

1. Create AXE in Altar scene:

Click into the "Altar" scene, You can burn LIGHT to get EN. Whether AXE can be obtained depends on whether the EN is greater than 500 at the end of the current period.

How to get EN? 1. Burn LIGHT, you can get EN directly, burn more than one thousandth of the current total BL quantity of LIGHT, you can get 500EN immediately (you can get EN immediately), no need to burn a lot of LIGHT, otherwise LIGHT will be wasted.

2. Since the number of total BL may increase in the current period, the EN obtained by burning LIGHT will become less, in order to make sure the EN is above 500 when the current period is settled, you can try to burn slightly more LIGHT, for example, burning one hundredth of the total BL. EN is greater than 500.

When can I retrieve the AXE? Where can I check the AXE?

When the current period ends, you can retrieve the AXE, you can view the AXE in NFT-device, click AXE, you can view the AXE properties

2. Mining in the chaos scene

1.Provide hashrate, make hashrate reach 15M or more, select AXE submitted for mining, keep providing hashrate and you can start mining, the bigger the hashrate, the bigger the NE will be, and the LIGHT obtained from mining will be bigger.

2. After the current period is settled, the LIGHT gained will be automatically sent to your wallet.

3. After the current period ends, if AXE health value drops, you need to retrieve AXE in chaos scene and forge upgrade in Altar scene to improve the conversion rate of AXE.

Best mining solution: Create 2 AXEs so that 2 AXEs work in Altar and chaos scene alternately.For example:

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