EMIT is a non-profit project started and created by a group of crypto enthusiasts.

EMIT attempts to construct a native decentralized crypto world, EMIT World, which contains complex economic structures and complex crypto assets, by introducing economic structures and production processes similar to those of the real world in a virtual crypto world, and ultimately creating real wealth in EMIT World.

EMIT consists of three core decentralized systems: EMIT-Core, EMIT-Epoch, and EMIT-GDP, which represent EMIT's basic technical facilities, complex ecological clusters, and financial markets, respectively.

The EMIT-Epoch ecological cluster combines elements of FT, NFT, DeFi, PoW, and PoS, while creating concepts that do not exist in the current crypto world.

The $LIGHT token is the core token of the first phase of EMIT-Epoch. Holders of the LIGHT token can participate in Altar, Chaos, and other Phase 1 EMIT-Epoch ecosystems.

Through cross-chain technology, EMIT has already opened up Ethereum/BSC/Tron/SERO and other public chain systems, so that FT and NFT assets from these systems can circulate with each other through Cross in EMIT-Core. Through Cross, the various scenarios of EMIT-Epoch ecosystem can be distributed on different chains.

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