EMIT Community Organization Structure

EMIT is a non-profit, innovative crypto project started by several crypto enthusiasts from various countries. Its mission is to explore and study the endogenous economic structure of the crypto world, without relying on the real world as much as possible, and thus create real wealth within the native crypto world. The EMIT project includes both innovations in the underlying crypto technology and innovations in the application ecology.

The EMIT project is driven by the EMIT community, which can be divided into the following parts.

EMIT Foundation

The EMIT Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Originators@EMIT members in the United States. Its role is to bring together the resources attracted to EMIT, to promote EMIT projects, to coordinate the actions of the EMIT community, and to serve as the external interface for the EMIT community.

Originators Community

Originators is the original EMIT community that created and initiated the EMIT project, and is directly responsible for proposing and implementing the EMIT project and community building program, and maintaining the integrity, fairness, and justice of the EMIT project and community.

Founders Community

Each Founders member runs an EMIT Full Node and pledges the donated funds to the Full Node account, which oversees the proper functioning of the EMIT network. Upon completion of EMIT Core, these nodes will become the founders of the EMIT Core network.

Co-creators Community

Co-creators are members of the community who have made outstanding contributions to the building and development of EMIT. They are making outstanding contributions to project, product, and community proposals, development, and operations. They help EMIT projects and communities grow rapidly.

Builders Community

Builders are the backbone of the EMIT community, representing the majority of EMIT users who actively participate in EMIT's various proposals, polls, and promotional activities. They represent the majority of EMIT users and are the backbone of the EMIT community. They will vote on all uncertain proposals until EMIT's DAO facility is completed.

EMIT Protocol Community

All users involved in the EMIT ecosystem.

Inclusion Principles

Originators ⊂ Founders ⊂ Co-creator ⊂ Builders ⊂ Community

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