How to quickly create EARTH Counter and mint EARTH tokens

1. Create EMIT wallet

On PC, use Chrome browser to open the link: and click "use web browser" to import or create an EMIT wallet.

2. In the EMIT wallet, you need the following tokens

30 BUSD: Used to provide liquidity to get the EARTH Counter.

0.05 BNB: Gas fee for various operations on the BSC.

30 bDARK: Used as materials to produce EARTH tokens.

30 WATER: Used as materials to produce EARTH tokens


You can buy bDARK and WATER with BUSD in EMIT Wallet, click Trade, then click SWAP, so that you can prepare only BUSD and BNB.

You can also buy them in Pancakeswap, the contract addresses for bDARK and WATER are

bDARK: 0xE35Aa1adEbF5484482fAAdCBFD5729234f0ABf29

WATER: 0xCee118d0fD2A765a91f6bbD251C41Ac93a4298F7

Then we start to create EARTH-Counter, and drive EARTH-Counter to produce EARTH tokens by burning bDARK and WATER.


EARTH-Counter algorithm contract address: 0xC0c901368483b217d66a2560f514df6EF3Df3624

EARTH contract address: 0xEA8553CCbbf14A628750a56078aA7da425bdAe08

3. Enter the StarGrid scene and create EARTH-COUNTER

a. Open EMIT Wallet, select the "Epoch" page, and enter the "StarGrid" scene.

b. When you open the StarGrid scene for the first time, the scene will prompt you to approve some tokens, so you need to "Approve to all", and then "commit" the approved transaction.

c. Next, formally create a Counter, as shown in the figure below, click "+" and select "EARTH-COUNTER".

d. Select "BUSD", enter the number as "1", and click "OK".

e. Wait about 3 minutes, you can see the Counter that has been generated in the “NFT Counter”.

4.Login Counter

a. To avoid being harassed, you can choose a star space with no planets or Counters as your login point.

b. Click "Login", select "EARTH counter", then fill in the number of materials (bDARK,WATER) you want to burn per period, we suggest you to set some attributes according to the smart tips on the page.

c. After clicking "OK", the "Confirm Billing page" will appear and you will need to confirm these cost.

  • Periods: The number of periods you continue to produce, currently it can only be 7.

  • Burned per Period: The amount of bDARK and WATER burned per period, basically equal to the amount you filled in above.

  • Fee rate: the amount of fee the system will charge, currently it is 10%.

  • Total Materials: The total number of tokens burned in 7 periods.

  • Burn for create planet: The fee required to create a planet.

  • Need burn:Total payment

d. Click "OK", then click "OK" again to confirm the transaction.

e. After the transaction is confirmed, you will see that you have created a planet in the star space and that your EARTH Counter is logged into the planet.

f. When your Counter is logged into the star grid, it means that production has started.

5. Withdraw

After one period (one day), you can see your EARTH tokens produced for this period.

a. Click the top right corner to enter the economic details page.

b. Unsettle indicates the number of unsettled tokens, click Withdraw to settle, this operation will transfer the EARTH tokens produced by Counter to your wallet account.

c. Each period is 24 hours, you can settle once per period, or wait for multiple periods to settle in unison.


Because each settlement needs to pay BSC's Gas fee, so you can accumulate several periods together and settle again.

6. Exit Counter (no recommend)

After the Counter exits, it also represents the settlement and withdraws the tokens produced after the settlement. You have to wait 24 hours before you can log in the Counter again, and your planet is likely to be marked by other Counters thus losing mint capacity. Therefore, do not log out the Counter unless it is necessary.

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