Q: Is EMIT a Blockchain or a Cryptocurrency ? Can you explain in short and simple words what EMIT is?

A: EMIT is not just blockchain or cryptocurrency, it includes three concepts from bottom to top: decentralized(crypto) technology (blockchain technology), decentralized(crypto) world (DW), and decentralized(crypto) world economy (DeWe).

Q: What is the use of EMIT?

A: From a macro perspective, EMIT crypto technology provides a new path for blockchain or decentralized(crypto) technology to create new wealth for all mankind in a practical way through Decentralized World Economy (DeWe). On a micro level, EMIT provides a technical solution that can make the performance of decentralized systems approach that of centralized systems through the EMIT Core protocol, and a technical solution that can form a diverse economic market on the chain through the EPOCH protocol.

Q: What is “The EMIT Parchment Paper” and why is it not the EMIT White Paper?

A: Like usual blockchain projects, EMIT has a White Paper, which mainly describes what the products and technical solutions are. “The EMIT Parchment Paper”, on the other hand, describes why a solution like EMIT crypto technology was created, and what the value and connotation of EMIT is.

Q: According to “The EMIT Parchment Paper”, EMIT has three systems: EMIT Core Network, EPOCH Eco Cluster, and GDP Financial Marketplace, why is EMIT CROSS the first one to go live?

A: EMIT CROSS is a cross-chain function, it is actually a part of EMIT Core Network, and EMIT CROSS will be migrated into EMIT Core when its development is completed. In addition, the EPOCH protocol is a cross-chain ecosystem-based technology protocol, not limited to a particular blockchain system. Therefore, EMIT CROSS and the subsequent EPOCH ecosystem are the forerunners of the entire EMIT crypto system. And EMIT Core is coming right after.

Q: Why did EMIT CROSS initially support Ethereum and Super ZERO (SERO) chains instead of choosing other more popular blockchain systems?

A: First of all, starting a cross-chain project with Ethereum is our admiration for this smart contract pioneer, and secondly, because Ethereum has the world's most mature ecosystem on it. The second choice of chain was more about privacy and low Gas fees. We made a list of well-known public chains that support smart contracts, and after very careful research, we decided to use Super ZERO (SERO) because it has low Gas fees and is the only public chain that supports NFT assets anonymity, which is very important to us because NFT is our core asset component.

Q: Polkadot and Cosmos also use chains to run applications instead of smart contracts, why not do it directly on them?

A: At first we considered these two protocols, but they both have a master chain, which will be a bottleneck for EMIT performance in the future. So we proposed the EMIT Core protocol with a new Dapp’s generalization and a confirmation model based on random observations as the cornerstone of EMIT. Of course, Polkadot and Cosmos are both in our cross-chain schedule.

Q: Can EMIT Rule the World?

A: EMIT can't rule the world, it creates its own world, it is an external extension of the real world economy, creating entirely new economies and wealth.

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