EMIT Genesis League

Composed of League Creators and Members

League Creator: Miner with Driver level above 40% can apply to EMIT team to become a League Creator, so each League Creator can form his own League.

Members: New miners who join the league (invited by the League Creator to join)

League level: 🌟 🌟🌟 🌟🌟🌟

🌟 League is a primary League with the following characteristics:

1. The effective members of the league are between 5-20

2. League Creator will get 8% of the team share

🌟🌟 League belongs to the intermediate league, with the following characteristics:

1. The effective members of the league are between 21-50

2. League Creator will get 10% of the team share

🌟🌟🌟 League belongs to the ultimate league, with the following characteristics:

1. The effective members of the league is greater than 50 people

2. League Creator will get 12% of the team share

Conditions for the League Creator to create the league: The league is established when the effective members must be no less than 5 members.

What is a valid member?

1. Invited by the League Creator

2. Pass the information audit

3. New Miner

4. Long-term participation in EMIT

5. Twitter registration for at least six months

Benefits and responsibilities of the League Creator:

1. Rewards from EMIT team, 8%, 10%, 12% depending on the level of the league they create

For example: when the league is in the intermediate level, the league members have produced 500 LIGHT today, then the League Creator's earnings today is 50 LIGHT

2. League Creator can get exclusive NFT

3. Give team incentives from time to time

4. Invite new miners who are interested in EMIT to join their league

5. Guide new miners to learn to mine, solve the problems encountered by miners, and help members to obtain mining revenue smoothly

6. League Creator can lead the team to participate in the league competition, the winners will get a generous reward.

League members' earnings:

1. Under the guidance of the League Creator, adhere to mining and maximize the efficiency of mining

2. Get rewards from time to time from the League Creator and EMIT team activities (including airdrops, contests, etc.)

3. When the league member's Driver level is above 40%, they can also apply to become the League Creator and get the same LIGHT and benefits as the League Creator

4. Get the mining support from EMIT team on a priority basis

Revenue source:

The League Creator's revenue comes from EMIT's pre-issued 1 million LIGHT, so the miner's revenue will not be damaged.

Preferred application advantages:

1. The first ten leagues, the first ten members of each league will receive 10 initial AXE for free

2. The first ten leagues, each member will get the initial mining gas fee for free

League application requirements:

1. Driver level is above 40%

2. Willing to comply with EMIT Genesis League Code

3. actively participate and develop EMIT

Members are invited to join the league and must pass the audit of:

1. Need to provide Telegram account, Twitter account audit

2. Provide the SERO address of EMIT wallet

3. The number of mining days per month is less than 20 days, or continuous three days without participation in mining, will be removed from the league

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