Updates to PINs

Added the airdrop function

1. Who can use the airdrop function?

  • Everyone can use the airdrop function in PINs

  • You can post airdrop events in any verses

  • The tokens are used for the airdrop events must be on the EMIT chain

  • Suppose you want to airdrop EARTH tokens, since EARTH tokens are issued on BSC, so you need to cross EARTH from BSC to EMIT Chain

2. How to use the cross-chain function?

3. How to use the airdrop function?

4. How to distribute the rewards of airdrop events?

  • Once the airdrop event is posted, users can participate in it according to the rules of the event

  • Participants selected by KP will be rewarded with airdrop events

5. The airdrop rewards were divided into three parts

  • All the winners share 60% of the total rewards

  • Winners share 30% of the total rewards based on the weight of being liked. The more times they are liked, the more weight they are rewarded

  • All the people who gave likes to the winners, they will share 10% of the total rewards

Integrated the DApp(assets.emit.technology) for assets management

You can manage your assets in EMIT-Assets.

Added the home page and the lists of verses

You can view those verses that you have participated in. You can also view the verses created by yourself. you can click on the cover of verse to enter it .

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