Altar Scene

The assets available for this scene are

  • AX(NFT)

    • The level of AX determines the productivity of LIGHT tokens.

  • AltarDriver(Non-movable NFT)

    • The level of AltarDriver determines the proficiency in AX forging.

How to forge the production tool NFT - AX

1. Need to have a little LIGHT tokens as Gas fee, then enter Epoch -> Altar scenario.

2. Start Hashrate to collect NE (Negentropy).

3. After collecting enough NE (at least > 15000000), click Altar Center to open the Forge Axe form.

4. Optional: Burn LIGHT to generate NE (Negentropy)

5. Submit NE or LIGHT and wait for the countdown of the Period to end

6. After one period (about 24 hour) is over, you can retrieve the Ax

Special tips:

  1. Contribute Hashrate and Burn LIGHT tokens as energy for forging the Axe, either separately or in combination.

  2. The total amount of energy generated per day is 100K, and the ratio between the Hashrate pool and the LIGHT token burning pool is 2:8.

  3. In the case of high Hashrate across the network, the CPU should be run for as long as possible, e.g. more than 6 hours, in order to provide enough NE.

  4. When burning LIGHT tokens, you can decide based on the total amount of tokens burned in the previous day.

  5. When there is no axe, a new axe can be generated if more than 100 energy can be allocated.

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