Epoch mining QA

1. What can be obtained through mining?

Unlike the mining ecology of other projects, miners mining in the Epoch ecology can earn multiple benefits. 1. You can get NFT, create NFT (AXE) in the altar scene, and have the opportunity to get the dark attribute NFT (AXE) 2. You can get LIGHT through NFT mining 3. Rare token DARK can be obtained through dark attribute NFT mining

2. Are there any differences between the two scene in the Epoch ecosystem, the Altar scene and the Chaos scene, respectively?

Altar scene can only be used for AXE creation and forging upgrade, Chaos scene can only be used for mining (LIGHT and DARK), in chaos scene mining must use AXE, otherwise it can not produce tokens

3. Since the pre-requisite for token mining is creating AXEs, how do you create AXEs in an altar scene?

First, we need to create AXE in the altar scene. After creating AXE, it does not mean that we can get AXE successfully. To get AXE, we must satisfy this condition: EN is greater than 500 at the end of the period.

Way: Burn LIGHT, when LIGHT is burned, it will be directly converted into EN

For example:

if you burn 100 light and the total burn light is 1000, you get 500 en, but when the total burn light reaches 2000, your EN will be reduced to 250.

Before the end of the period, total BL will keep increasing, and when your percentage decreases, the EN will also decrease.

So, you need to get as much EN as possible, at the end of the period, check whether the EN is greater than 500, if it is greater than 500, wait for the end of the period, click the "get back" button, and then click commit, AXE will be retrieved, wait for about 3 minutes, you can check the AXE in NFT Devcie 4. Where can I check my AXE quantity and properties?

In NFT-device, you can view the AXEs that have been obtained. If AXE is refining in Altar scenario, or mining in Chaos scenario, it cannot be shown in NFT-device. Only when AXE is not working in Altar/chaos scenario, it will be shown in NFT-device.

Click the AXE icon in NFT-device to display the properties of AXE.

4. How do I mine in the chaos scene once I have acquired AXE?

Once you have successfully obtained AXE in Altar scene, you can open the chaos scene, select AXE, click commit, and then AXE is mined in the chaos scene.

Similarly, you need to get EN in the mining process to get tokens at the end of the period.

How do I get EN in a chaos scene?

You can only convert NE to EN by submitting NE.

At the end of each period, you only need to get more EN than the Drive capacity, the volume of EN is enough, which means you can get the full amount of LIGHT for the current period.

5. How to forge AXE in altar scene to make AXE upgrade?

When you have successfully created AXE and obtained AXE, you can now view your AXE in NFT Device , you can use AXE to mine in chaos scene and also forge AXE in altar scene to make AXE upgrade.

When you put AXE into the altar scene, you need to get EN to make AXE upgrade. The EN needed to upgrade AXE, which only needs to exceed the capacity of Driver, will complete the current period of AXE.

6. What will happen if AXE doesn't forge an upgrade?

AXE needs to be upgraded to maintain a high conversion rate. If you do not forge an upgrade for a long time, the conversion rate will return to the initial level, and the higher the AXE level, the longer it will take to become the initial level.

7. How to maintain the efficient mining efficiency

Create two AXEs, 2 AXEs work in the same period, respectively in Altar, Chaos scenario. When proceeding to the next period you can switch scenarios. This does not delay mining and also allows forging upgrades to the AXEs.

Example: AXE A and AXE B. The current period A AXE in Altar forging upgrade scene, B AXE in Chaos scene mining; the current period ends, take back AXE, use B AXE in Altar scene forging upgrade, use A AXE in chaos scene mining.

8. How to get the dark attribute AXE?

First, DARK tokens must be generated from dark attribute AXE, which is generated randomly. After the health of AXE reaches 12.8, AXE will produce an unchanging and unique DNA, and if dark attribute DNA is produced, AXE will become dark attribute AXE.

Dark attribute AXE is divided into 1 🌟, 2 🌟, 3 🌟, 4 🌟, use 1 🌟 dark attribute AXE, digging minerals out of LIGHT, one quarter of the LIGHT will become DARK, and so on, 4 🌟 dark attribute AXE, the output of LIGHT will all become DARK.

As the dark attribute AXE is randomly generated and the probability of generation is 1/64, the dark attribute AXE rarity is high. Currently, A single sale of a three star dark attribute AXE is $999

9. Is it possible to make the program work in the background?

You can't make the program run in the background. In general, the hashrate of PC mining will be larger than that of mobile mining, so PC mining will be more efficient. The valume of hashrate is depended on the capacity of CPU.

10. When I use both mobile and PC to provide hashrate to an account to calculate NE, can I submit multiple NEs at the same time?

When multiple machines provide hashrate to the same account for the same scenario, if the NE generated by one of the machines is submitted, the NE generated by the other machines will be zeroed out, so when multiple machines calculate NE at the same time, the highest NE should be submitted.

11. If I only got 490EN in period 85 and didn't get 500EN, so I can't get AXE, then for period 86, do I need to get 500EN again to get AXE?

For example, if period 85 does not get AXE, period 86 does not need to get 500EN again because the LIGHT burned and NE submitted by period 85 will accumulate to period 86, so if period 85 gets 490EN, normally, period 86 only needs to get another 30-50EN to get AXE.

And so on, if AXE is not obtained for periods 85 and 86, the LIGHT burned and NE.

12. Why has NE not changed for a long time, is it stuck?

If hashrate keeps changing, it means everything is normal. First, you need to understand the relationship between hashrate and NE. NE is calculated by hashrate, which depends on CPU, and the larger hashrate is, the longer hashrate takes to calculate, the more likely it is to calculate a larger NE.

So the NE does not change in real time, and only when hashrate calculates a larger NE, the NE will produce a change. Of course, even if hashrate is small, it is possible to calculate a large NE through a long time, but it's just a very small possibility.

13.If I stick to mining, what are the exact returns?

On the benefits of Mining:

🔥on the first day, you can get about 0.9 LIGHT

🔥if you insist on mining for 30 days, you can produce about 14 LIGHT per day

🔥if you insist on mining for 90 days, you can mine about 140 LIGHT per day

🔥if you insist on mining for 180 days, you can mine about 600 LIGHT per day

🔥The longer you insist on mining, the more LIGHT you will get every day.

14. How do I submit an NE so that EN becomes EN?

When your hashrate calculates more than 15M NE, you can click commit, the NE will be cleared and converted to EN, and you can observe the EN increase. After the NE is cleared, the new NE will be recalculated by hashrate calculation, and the NE can be submitted multiple times to get EN multiple times.

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