Guide of Noki

Adopt Noki and feed Noki

1. Adopt Noki

Step1: Search for "PINs" on Google Play or the App Store. Download and install the PINs App.

Step2: Accept"Term of Service".

Step3: Get a NOKI right now.

Step4: Create Identity.

Step5: Complete the "First Feed" of NOKi within one hour.

Step6: First feed NOKI in twitter. click "copy and go" button.

Step7: Click the "Quote Tweet" button.

Step8: Select "Quote Tweet".

Step9: Paste, and then click the "Tweet" button.

You should see "Your Tweet was sent".

Step10: After about 2 minutes, you can find your NOKI in PINs App, It's supposed that the friendship are 30 points. If yes, you've got it.

2. When you get the NOKI, you can feed your NOKI every 3 hours.

Step1: Click "Feed" button

Step2: Feed your NOKI in twitter. click "copy and go" button.

Step3: Click the "Quote Tweet" button.

Step4: Select "Quote Tweet".

Step5: You can type any text, then Retweet.

Step5: After about 5 minutes, in the PINs app, you can get a notification about the number of points you have gained in friendship.


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