NFT Marketplace

“Relics Market” is the NFT trading market of EMIT ecosystem. It carries all the transactions of NFT in the EMIT multi-metaverse.

NFT Marketplace Introduction

EMIT is the multi-metaverse which reflect the reality, it has three major systems, of which Epoch system has completed the first phase, currently, in the Epoch ecology, there are three major scenes and one marketplace. They are Altar scene, Chaos scene, Team Mining scene and NFT marketplace.

Before the release of the NFT market, community users have been trading NFT off-site. Among these NFT transactions, two three-star dark attribute NFT are known to have completed transactions. One three-star dark attribute NFT had a single transaction of $999, and another three-star dark attribute NFT had a single transaction of 3 BNB. In addition, several other NFT with different attributes and grades were sold off-site at different prices among community users.

The existence of NFT assets in EMIT form and NFT cross-chain

Since EMIT-Epoch is a cross-chain ecosystem, each Native NFT asset in EMIT has a different form of existence and they have different usage rules. Currently, the main NFT in the Epoch ecosystem is EMIT-AXE, and as Epoch continues to add new scenes, other different types of NFT will emerge in the Epoch ecosystem.

1. Native-NFT form

AXE can only be created through Epoch-Altar scene, and when an AXE is created, it belongs to the Native-NFT form. The Native-NFT form of AXE can be forged and upgraded in the Epoch-Altar scene, and can also be used to mine in the Epoch-Chaos scene.

When the Native-NFT form of AXE is not used, it exists in the NFT-Device list and Native-NFT cannot be traded directly in the NFT market.

Generally Native-NFT has energy properties, and these energy property values change over time.

2. SRC721 form

If you want to trade Native-NFT in the NFT market, first you need to convert Native-NFT to SRC721 form in the NFT-Device list. After Native-NFT is converted to SRC721, it will exist in the NFT-Relics list and can be traded in the NFT market and cross-chain operations.

3. ERC721 form and BEP721 form

SRC721 form of NFT can be converted to ERC721 or BEP721 form of NFT through EMIT-CROSS NFT cross-chain function.

● NFT in the form of ERC721 can be traded on NFT marketplaces on Ethereum chain (e.g. OpenSea).

● NFT in the form of BEP721 can be traded on the NFT marketplace on the BSC chain.

Diverse NFT assets in EMIT

When an AXE is forged in an Epoch-Altar scene, the "health" of the AXE is raised. When the "health" of AXE reaches 12.8, it generates 256-bit DNA. According to the DNA fragments that have been resolved so far, AXE can be divided into different categories.

1. Blank AXE, light-attribute AXE, and dark-attribute AXE

When the health of AXE does not reach 12.8, AXE will not have attributes, and when the health of AXE reaches 12.8, AXE will become light or dark attributes.

Blank AXE: No DNA is generated, it only produces $LIGHT and does not have "Rarity".

Light AXE: With DNA and "rarity", can only produce $LIGHT, and has a 98.44% chance of being born with a LIGHT AXE.

Dark attribute AXE: With DNA and "rarity", can produce $DARK or $LIGHT and $DARK, the probability of dark attribute AXE being born is 1.56%.

2. AXE "Rarity"

Both light and dark AXEs have different "rarity", and the "rarity" are as follows:

Common: The probability of AXE having the "Common" rarity is 80.86%.

Magic: The probability of AXE having "Magic" rarity is 11.72%.

Rare: AXE has a 6.25% chance of having a "Rare" rarity

Legendary: AXE has a 1.17% chance of having a "Legendary" rarity

In Epoch's future scenes, AXEs with different "rarities" will have different functions. The rarer the AXE, the more powerful it will be.

3. Unknown DNA fragments

Currently, only some of the DNA of AXE have been parsed out. As Epoch continues to add new scenes, more AXE genes will be resolved. These resolved DNA will give AXE new functions and values.

Energy properties of NFT in EMIT

Every AXE has energy properties, and the energy of AXE can be replenished and consumed.

1. Energy replenishment of AXE

When an AXE is forged in Epoch-Altar scene, the AXE is energized and the AXE's "health" and "conversion rate" are increased. The higher the conversion rate of AXE, the higher the energy AXE can withstand, and the higher the efficiency and profitability of mining will be.

2. The energy consumption of AXE

When AXE is used for mining in Epoch-Chaos scene, or when AXE is idle in NFT-Device, the energy of AXE is consumed and the "health" of AXE decreases, the conversion rate does not decrease temporarily, but when the health becomes 0, the conversion rate becomes the initial state, i.e., AXE becomes the initial level. That is, AXE will become the initial level.

NFT transactions in EMIT

Based on the unique rank properties of AXE, when AXE is converted from the Native-NFT form to the SRC721 form, EMIT will calculate seal fee to ensure that the rank of the AXE does not drop, which does not need to be paid immediately. (per period).

When AXE is converted from SRC721 form to Native-NFT form, this seal fee is paid and is borne by the person who converted the SRC721 asset form to Native-NFT form.

The longer the AXE is in SRC721 asset form, the higher the seal fee when it is converted to Native-NFT form. The higher the level of AXE, the higher the seal fee charged per period.

How do you buy AXE in the NFT market?

1.Go to "Trade" - "Relic Market"

2. In the "Market", you can see all the AXEs for sale

3. Click on the AXE that you want to buy and then click "Buy"

4. NFT will appear in "NFT" - "Relics".

How do you sell AXEs in the NFT Marketplace?

1.Seal the AXE in NFT-Device

2. Go to "Trade" - "Relic Market"

3. Click on the red “+“ and select the AXE you want to sell

4. When the AXE has been purchased, you can receive LIGHT

How do you choose an axe that you want

1.If you want to buy an AXE to mine for LIGHT in the chaos scene, then you can choose a higher grade AXE and you will get more efficient mining

2. If you want to buy an AXE to mine for DARK tokens, then you should buy a dark attribute AXE

3. If you want to buy a scarce AXE, you can choose an AXE with legendary or rare attributes

How to forge AXE?

Scene: AXE is forged in Altar-scene

Required conditions: NE or $LIGHT can be used to forge AXE

The purpose of forging AXE: to make AXE upgrade, the higher level of AXE, the more tokens in Chaos scene can be mined

Step1: Select the AXE to be forged in the Altar scene

Step2: You can get EN by committing NE or burning $LIGHT, NE is calculated by hashrate, the hashrate depends on the performance of the CPU..

Step3: When the number of ENs is greater than the capacity of Driver, it means the forging of this period is completed

Step4: When the period is finished, you can retrieve AXE and use AXE to mine in Chaos scene.

The formula for calculating EN in Altar scene.

The formula for obtaining EN by submitting NE:

My EN = (My NE/Total NE) x 20000

The formula for obtaining EN by burning $LIGHT:

My EN = (My BL/Total BL) x 20000

How to use AXE to produce LIGHT?

Mining scenario to generate LIGHT: you can get LIGHT by mining with AXE in Chaos scene

Conditions for producing LIGHT: AXE is required, NE is required.

The amount of LIGHT produced: depends on the level of AXE and Driver, and the number of ENs.

step1:Select AXE in the Chaos scene, and when NE exceeds 5G, you can submit NE to start mining.

step2:Keep hashrate working continuously and try to submit as more NE as possible to get more EN.

step3:When the amount of EN exceeds the capacity of Driver, finish mining this period and get the maximum number of $LIGHT obtained by mining this period.

step4:After the end of the period, retrieve the AXE and put the AXE into the Altar scene to forge and upgrade the level.

Formula to calculate EN obtained in Chaos scene.

Formula to calculate EN obtained by submitting NE:

My EN = (My NE/Total NE) x 100000

How do I get to get a new AXE?

Buy AXE: You can buy AXE in the NFT Marketplace

Create a new AXE in Altar scene?

step1:In the Altar scene, create a new AXE and get EN by burning $LIGHT.

step2:When the period end, if the EN is greater than 500, then you can retrieve the AXE.

step3:When the AXE is retrieved in the Altar scene, about five minutes later, the AXE can be viewed in the NFT Devcie.

(If the EN is below 500 at the end of the period, the new AXE is not available)

The formula for obtaining EN by burning $LIGHT:

My EN = (My BL/Total BL) x 20000

How do I get DARK tokens?

Only AXE tokens with dark attribute can produce $DARK:

1.Only AXE with dark attribute can produce $DARK

2. Use dark attribute AXE to mine in Chaos scene, then you can output $DARK.

How to use the NFT cross-chain function?

1. Go to NFT-Relics, find the NFT which you want to send to the other chain.

2. Click the "CROSS" button, You can choose whether you want to send to the BSC Chain or the Ethereum.

3. After the sending is completed, the NFT will exist on BSC or Ethereum as BEP-721 or ERC-721.

4. Select a platform which you want to sell the NFT, such as Treasureland. And Select a wallet, such as Metamask. Link the Metamask to the Treasureland.

5. In NFT-Relics, send NFT in asset form of BEP-721 to metamask wallet‘s BSC address, you can see your NFT in "Treasureland-Account-My NFT" and you can sell it on the Treasureland.

6. You can also import the mnemonics of EMIT wallet into metamask wallet, with this way, you don't have to send NFT to other BSC accounts.

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